Saturday, November 23, 2013

SIG Lunch at #MCN2013

During MCN2013 in Montreal, Quebec, the Media Production SIG met for the first time to discuss the needs of this newly formed Special Interest Group. 

Here are the notes from the meeting: 

How can we reach people year-round to create a network of media professionals?

Start year round discussion on Twitter. Have a permanent hashtag for people to use (#museumvideo) and install widget on the blog. 

There is a desire to keep blog long form and public to be able to share more 

Should we start a ListServ? Who would host/manage? It should be archivable and easy. Maybe Google Groups? Consider having people apply to the listserv to avoid heavy sales focus?

Topics for Next Year:
  • Accessible Production: Logistics of Content Production and Guidelines for Creativity
  • Video Project Process: Tips and Tools for Organization and Management
  • Long Form Video for Museums
  • Hiring Media People: What skill sets do digital media creative teams need?
  • Process Inspiration: Tips from Other Fields on Making Digital Media
  • Educating Leadership: How to teach your boss about video and digital Media
  • Forced Outsourcing: How to manage Digital Media projects (creativity and when you have to use an outside company
  • Importance of Video: Setting Context of Video in Museums
  • Telling Stories with and without media
  • Evaluating Video

Are we missing anything? We hope to create a year round program of discussions and communication to make the SIG a valuable resource for our members.

Friday, November 22, 2013

MCN 2013

Hey Y'all! Members, new members, members to be, and the media curious:

We have been officially established as the Media Production Special Interest Group (SIG)! We have sponsored two sessions at this year's conference and look forward to collaborating on the the development of panel topics for next year.

We have a new look for the blog that includes a twitter feed drawn from our newly established hashtag #MuseumVideo. The Media Production SIG while having a focus and strong presence of video producer members is not just for video makers, it is for anyone telling a story with digital content, we all know audio, images and text are also used to develop content to share with our visitors on a variety of platforms. We are here to support each other in our practice in all ways, from advice on specific projects to major equipment purchases.

I look forward to meeting more folks and getting more of you contributing to the blog! contact myself or other users to get added as an author to this blog by emailing annachiaretta(at) I would like to encourage those near eachother to start scheduling regular gatherings, and even google hangout gatherings.

When you first join the blog, please take time to share a little bit about your production philosophies and an example of content you have produced, help produced, or even simply want to produce.

This blog is public in the spirit of open dialogue and knowledge sharing.