Monday, April 22, 2013

Proposals for MCN 2013

Hi everyone! What a great conference! I think we have the beginning of some fruitful conversations and the start of a community to provide ongoing support in our field.

Very excited at the prospect of getting some panel topics together to propose for MCN, are there individual papers anyone was considering putting forth? You can look through the previous post with issues brought up at the MW Salon conversation for some ideas of what's on peoples mind.

Some loose ideas I have been bouncing around are putting together two tracks of discussion, one more focused on the nuts and bolts of technology and the other more about the methodology of video production. Looking at the relationship of museum video to "established" modes of production like documentary, commercials for television, and how we might re-think our approach to storytelling with video.

MVP SIG panel topic spitballing...
Documentary, Commercial, Educational, Promotional…
What is a good video and for what purpose?
How do you approach storytelling?
What is the goal? Who watches these?
Scholarly content versus promotional content

Alternative approaches? Working with artists?
Equipment, Files, Storage, Backups…               
What gets the job done?
Does it matter what kind of camera we use?
How can we better enlist inexpensive consumer technology to get cool content?
How do we protect our assets and what is the best practice standard for storage, file format and backups? Do we keep everything?


  1. Methodology... more questions to keep bouncing around ideas:

    What department is media/video production housed in?

    Producing media content for whom?

    Scholarly, general public, promotional, kids...

    branding... styling... getting the right look and feel for your institution/department(s)

    Re-thinking the audio... what about a sound design/music-based mood tour?

    what is interesting content when there isn't a living artist to follow around and interview?

    where does this stuff live? iTunes U vs. YouTube vs. Website vs. ...Vimeo???

    Thinking about creative production, what's the most fun thing you've produced and how was it received by your institution vs. public?

    what do people actually like? Viewing statistics... does it mean anything? Should we just make cat videos?

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  3. Hi Anna,
    As you know, I'm new to the group. Did anything come from your post? Is there a panel at MCN?


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