Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Emily Lytle-Painter, Introduction

Hi everyone,

Welcome and thanks for joining us! Anna and I are so excited to start a dialogue between some of our amazing colleagues and friends about the awesome work we do. Please let us know how this blog can be helpful to your everyday work.

I am the (newly minted) Education Technologist at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. I will be managing the Education portion of the website for the museum, doing some digital project management, as well as determining digital strategy for the Education department moving forward. So why am I involved with a media production project like this? Until December, I worked with the awesome Publishing and Media team at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. While there, I managed video projects for the museum, the creation of exhibition mobile tours, and oversaw ArtBabble, which is how I came to know many of you. My new role is less directly related to media production, but I am still passionate about media in museums. I think how we work affects the work we do- hence wanting to start this little community.

While Anna definitely covers the technical side of things, I am more of a content and project management person. I love helping to tell the stories of our objects and I am deeply invested in the visitor's experience with the media we create. I love conducting interviews with artists and curators to help them convey the meaningful parts of a work of art. I also think a lot about what we produce and why, how to make digital things that can have a long life and how to deliver this content smoothly to our visitors when and where they want it. I hope to continue to work on issues like these for a long time.

Looking forward to meeting more of you soon! Who is going to MW?




  1. Emily, great article on interviewing artists. It summed up all of the key points.

  2. Agreed, and I love the bit about nodding. I always feel like a creepy overly optimistic happy go lucky weirdo when I do interviews because I impulsively and constantly smile and nod to avoid making noise!

  3. Really enjoyed your interview post and reading about the hyperopic approach to project development. Thanks! We're currently starting to develop our own mission around creating content that rewards loyalty for our audience - which is starting to alleviate the pressures of solely making those short shelf-life videos. They won't all go away (we need to market our shows!) but we're moving more in the direction of providing content that is meaningful long before and long after our artists take the stage at BAM. I'll write a post about it sometime to give you more insight.

    1. Yes, would love to hear about how this progresses for you at BAM. I think documentation vs. interpretation (if that is even the correct argument) is something a lot of not-for-profits struggle with. It makes sense it would be even more pressing for a performing arts org.


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